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Video - CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC CLAAS harvesting

Videos John Deere Front Loaders CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC CLAAS harvesting

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Mahindra & Mahindra ,TATA,Launched in India in 1993, the CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC has revolutionized the way of paddy harvesting. Being a compact and light weight combine harvester equipped with reiable rubber tracks, it is the ideal harvesting machine for wet paddy fields. Beside quick and easy harvest, the CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC, also provides excellent grain quality and negligible losses. With a width of 2.1 m, this cutterbar makes the CROP TIGER ideal for small paddy fields, where the turning radius of the machine is one of the most important factors. Spring type reel tines and the table auger with retractable fingers optimize the crop flow towards the feeder housing after cutting and thus resulting in a smooth crop movement into the threshing area. To prevent the damage of cutterbar components during overload conditions, a safety arrangement in the form of slip clutch mechanism is provided. For different crop conditions, the reel can be adjusted horizontally to maintain an uniform crop feeding to the knife section. The belt drive of the knife section ensures minimum vibrations and a smooth operation. Threshing mechanism Every grain counts. Equipped with revolutionary Tangential Axial Flow threshing and separation mechanism, CROP TIGER 30 terra trac provides excellent grain quality with minimum losses. Each grain is acted upon by centrifugal forces for entire two and a half revolutions, which results in excellent threshing efficiency and negligible grain breakage ...

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